The HERITAGE Fair is addressed to people working in the fields of monument and art preservation and restoration as well as their protection – and also to people working with archive, library and museum equipment.

The event is adressed to:

  • State and government institutions
  • Monument protection services
  • Specialist in the area of preservation services
  • Owners and managers of historical facilities
  • National, local government, institutional, military, university, church and private archives
  • Church administration
  • Scientific and public libraries
  • Museums, churches, and cultural institutions
  • Corporations, banks and other entities keeping archives
  • Scientific facilities and universities
  • Owners and users of historical facilities used by the armed forces

During the HERITAGE Fair, manufacturers and distributors of equipment, as well as providers of specialised services, will present their offers.

The areas presented at the fairs include:

  • Materials, devices, instruments and tools used for preservation and renovation of monuments
  • Materials use for preservation and restoration of monuments,
  • Services within the area of construction works connected with preservation and renovation of monuments
  • Specilised furniture for archives
  • Equipment used for digitalisation of archive, office, museum and library resources
  • Technical equipment designated for protection of museum and library resources
  • Information management systems
  • Specialised equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Warehousing systems
  • Computer services and software
  • Documentation management
  • Equipment and services within the framework of protection, preservation and renovation of monuments
  • Equipment and devices designated for protection of museums, archives and libraries


Trade Fair and Congress Centre
56c Marsa Street, Warsaw, Poland

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